Hello! I'm Francesca, the artist behind mrs eliot books. I work from my home in London and look after my two noisy boys.

This started purely as a work blog, but it has become more of an inspiration board, sharing culture, design inspiration, conversation and family life. I really enjoy sharing things with you and also love getting comments, questions or just nonsense ;-)
If you ask a question in the comments section, I answer it here but I always come and say hi in your part of the blogosphere. 
I love seeing what other people are up to and 
making connections.

My work is available on etsy, folksy and society 6.

There is more about me and my work on my website here and an etsy interview here.

For press, wholesale, licensing info, or just to say hello please email: hello@francescaiannaccone.com

Thanks so much for stopping by!


p.s. If you'd like to use one of my images, it's nice to be asked but if you don't, please credit me and link back to me. Please do NOT take any images of me or my family or home. Ta!

Oh, and if you 'pin' something of mine, pleeeaaase add my name or shop name to your description. Otherwise it gets lost, like Chinese whispers. x