The idea for Paperchain came to me organically. I had been really inspired by the journeys of creative women and the great advice and stories they had to offer. At the same time meeting with my brilliant creative girlfriends, having brunch and brainstorming ideas for new directions and collaborations.

Particularly inspiring were the Swiss Miss talk on the Power of side projects, The Conversation and the women behind Flow Magazine.

Thinking about an interesting way to get inspiring women to share their stories, I suddenly remembered the Radio 4 programme Chain Reaction, in which each week, guest 1 (usually a comedian) would interview guest 2, then guest 2 would interview guest 3 and so on) and the idea for Paperchain came to me. Each month (or however often we could do it) the baton would be passed from the interviewer to the interviewee, thus creating a chain of interviews from one inspiring creative woman to another.
The idea - to be drawn out of your blog circle (which is so easy to get stuck in) and 'meet' people you didn't know before, instead of seeing the same interviews with the same people all the time.

I'm a great believer in the power that one interview or even one sentence can have on you.

While this idea came to me, and I was thinking of a title to really solidify the idea, I was working on this illustration, a Paperchain, and suddenly it all came together.

I hope the chain will keep it's momentum but if it comes to an abrupt halt, I can just pick it up and set it down in a new direction. And I hope that there will always be creative women happy to share their stories.

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